Recommended tourism courses

The model course recommended by a taxi driver

Iya tourism course

Iya tourism course

  • 1Oku-iya Double Vine Bridges

  • 2Yaen -human-powered ropeway-

  • 3Scarecrow Villege

  • 4Okuiya Kanko Shuyu Monoreil

  • 5lunchi time

  • 6Community of Ochiai (Observation spot)

  • 7Ochiai villege

Iya tourism course

  • 1Iya nokazurabashi (vine Bridge)

  • 2Biwa Waterfall

  • 3Hinoji Valley

  • 4Statue of peeing boy

  • 5Lunch (Iya soba )

  • 6Oboke Revine Plesure Boat


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